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06 February 2009

Personal Tax Return Checklist

• Group certificate(s)
• Statements of any allowances, Centrelink benefits or pensions
• Details of interest received on bank accounts
• Dividend statements
• Rental property statements from managing agent or details of any rental income received
• Details of any income from a trust or partnership

• Car log book and details of any other business-related travel expenses
• Receipts or details of any business-related expenses, like stationery, subscriptions, home office, tools, briefcase, computers/software or union fees
• Details of any income protection insurance expenses
• Receipts or details of any uniform/protective clothing expenses
• Receipts or details of any self education expenses related to your work
• Receipts or details of any donations/gifts
• Details of any interest, dividend or investment deductions, ie. investment advice costs
• Invoices or details of cost of tax preparation for last year’s return
• Details of rental property expenses and rental property statements, including interest on any loans on the property 

Offsets & Rebates:
• Statement of private health insurance
• Details of spouse’s full name, taxable income, tax file number and any super contributions
• Number and details of dependants

• Statements of any HELP/HECS debt or Financial Supplement Loan
• Pay As You Go (PAYG) instalment statements
• Copy of previous year's tax return if not prepared by us

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