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02 June 2017


For individuals and businesses, understanding and documenting your income, expenses and cash flow is critical to meeting your current commitments and future growth goals.


AFYF can assist with a range of processes, methods and advice to enable you to budget for your current and future needs.



·        Assistance with a budgeting approach to finances


·        Understanding your income


·        Defining your expenses


·        Stating your goals


·        Projecting your cash flow




·        Assistance with processes and methods to project the financial performance of your business


·        Sales budgeting and targets


·        Income and expense budgeting


·        Special projects budgeting


·        P&L projections


·        Cash flow projections


AFYF is able to offer businesses, of all sizes, and individuals a range of budget planning tools which assist you to budget your income and expenses and allow you to operate more efficiently and profitably in a changing economy.

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