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28 November 2019

Employers - getting ready for end of year break

Employers - getting ready for end of year break

With many businesses closing for the end of year and festive season later this month, now is a good time to make sure your employees' leave entitlements and accrual balances are up-to-date. 

Full and part-time employees are entitled to annual leave and sick / personal leave throughout the year. Leave is accrued based on hours worked, with the national minimum for full-time employees being 20 days a year for annual leave and 10 days a year for sick/personal leave. 

Your accounting or payroll software will have a function to accrue leave on hours recorded in your employees' payslips, as long as the correct leave accrual has been set up in the employees' card details. Make sure all annual leave taken through the year has been recorded correctly in your employees' card, to ensure that their leave accrual balance includes any leave already taken. 

If you need any assistance checking the leave accrual set up or recording leave taken please contact our office. 

Please note the below public holidays fall during the upcoming festive period:

  • Wednesday 25 December
  • Thursday 26 December
  • Wednesday 1 January

If your business is closed on these days and the public holiday falls on a day on which your employee would normally work in a regular week, the employee should be paid based on a normal day's hours at their base rate. If your business is open on the public holiday, and your employee works, check your relevant award to confirm the correct public holiday rate for your industry. Typically, public holidays are paid at 2 and a half times the employees' base rate.  

For those clients that we process wages for, we will be in contact in the next couple of weeks regarding what the process will be over our office closure period. We'll let you know what information we'll need from you and what date we'll need it by to ensure it is processed and payments are set before we close. 

Please note, our office will be closing from midday Friday 20 December and reopening Monday 6 January.  


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