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For individuals and businesses, understanding and documenting your income, expenses and cash flow is critical to meeting your current commitments and future growth goals.


AFYF can assist with a range of processes, methods and advice to enable you to budget for your current and future needs.



·        Assistance with a budgeting approach to finances


·        Understanding your income


·        Defining your expenses


·        Stating your goals


·        Projecting your cash flow




·        Assistance with processes and methods to project the financial performance of your business


·        Sales budgeting and targets


·        Income and expense budgeting


·        Special projects budgeting


·        P&L projections


·        Cash flow projections


AFYF is able to offer businesses, of all sizes, and individuals a range of budget planning tools which assist you to budget your income and expenses and allow you to operate more efficiently and profitably in a changing economy.




Tax planning, tax advice, preparation and lodgement of individual tax returns with electronic lodgement and direct refunds

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Company set up and structure, tax planning, tax advice, preparation and lodgement of company tax returns with electronic lodgement

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Trusts and Superfunds

Trust set up and structure, tax planning, tax advice, preparation and lodgement of Trust tax returns with electronic lodgement. Preparation and lodgement of Super Fund tax returns with electronic lodgement.

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Tax Planning

Individuals and businesses with knowledge and an understanding of the tax rules get the best tax results. Tax planning from a structure, income and expenses perspective can result in greater profitability and better tax outcomes.

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Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting in the form of XERO or MYOB allows ease of access, real time information via bank feeds and a process for sharing data with your bookkeeping provider, your accountant and even potential finance providers.

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Bookkeeping & BAS

Good bookkeeping is the bedrock of any successful small business. Out Sourcery is our bookkeeping operation, we take the dreaded shoe box of receipts and invoices, sort them out, and make sense of them for you, so you can have a better picture of your business’ financial situation.

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Business Advice

AFYF offers professional advice and assistance in the areas of administration, budgeting, cash flow, sales, marketing and HR management.

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