About us


We understand the importance of access to knowledge and advice in the decision-making process, so our well-informed and approachable team provide simply that.

The goal of AFYF is to offer businesses of all sizes and individuals a range of services which assist them to set up the correct trading structure, put systems in place to operate efficiently and profitably, meet their compliance obligations and navigate the changing business and tax environment.

Whether it be bookkeeping services, admin systems, training, BAS,  tax preparation and lodgement or more complex marketing and business strategies, we aim to give our clients an approach to service that ensures that all aspects of their business and tax affairs are constantly being monitored, acted on and improved.

As part of our operating processes, we seek to take advantage of the newest advances in cloud-based accounting and online interaction with the ATO. We undertake a program of continuing professional education to enhance our skills and refresh our knowledge base so we can provide comprehensive and up-to-date advice and services to our clients.

Our broad base of clients range from employees, sole traders, medical professionals, hairdressers and beauty therapists through to event design, festival management, and advertising companies, on to construction, print management and technology investment businesses. This varied group of clients, along with assistance to the not-for-profit sector, gives us access and exposure to the operations of a large cross-section of businesses and individuals.

Our founding partners, Carron and Stuart, have more than 50 years combined experience in various businesses. Carron has an extensive accounting, tax and admin background, while Stuart specialises in accounting, business planning, sales and marketing. They have experience working in both large international corporations as well as small independent businesses.

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